The Natural Language Processing Laboratory at the Technion Computer Science Faculty  conducts research in various areas of NLP. Current focus areas are:

  • Interpretability
  • Robustness
  • NLP for the humanities
  • NLP for Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic

In addition to research activities, the laboratory also offers basic and advances courses:

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Seminar in Natural Language Processing
  • Introduction to Machine Learning

Seeking to join the NLP lab? See here.

Recent News

  • 29/5/2023: Mor Geva (Google) is giving a talk
  • 22/5/2023: Yonatan Bitton (HUJI) is giving a talk
  • 20/4/2023: Adam Kalai (MSR) is giving a talk
  • 19/4/2023: Hadas Orgad is participating in a Council of Europe panel on AI and Gender
  • 5/2/2023: Ryan Cotterell (ETH) is giving a talk
  • 30/1/2023: Rishi Bommasani (Stanford) is giving a remote talk
  • 29/1/2023: Yonatan is giving an invited talk at Google India Research Week
  • 1/2023: Our research on an Interpretable Control of AI has been covered in the news [ynet, Perfil]
  • 14/12/2022: Aaron Mueller (JHU) is giving a talk
  • 12/12/2022: David Bau (Northeastern) is giving a talk